Farhan RehmanHi, I’m Farhan.

I love talking to people.  But more than that, I love listening to people’s stories.  I love learning about other people, other cultures, and using technology to facilitate ever more story telling, community building, and empowering people through technology.

I’m fascinated by the way in which nature synthesizes naturally and organically processes, and designs which are self-generative, self-perpetuate, and believe that through a combination of BioMimicry and Cradle2Cradle thinking, we’re on the verge of some massive breakthroughs in science, technology, personal evolution, and our understanding and awareness of just how little we really know, in the fullness of everything.

That said, I’ve got a few different places where you can find me online.  My primary blog is this one, where I write mainly about tech related stuff, gadgets, geekery, startups, and things that I think would be of interest to similar minded people.

Then, for the more philosophical, spiritual, lifestyle and personal development related thinking, I write at http://farhanrehman.com.

I maintain a seperate presence for my advice and suggestions on how to use Social Media, and tools and platforms for staying connected with communities.  That’s over at http://consciouscomms.co.uk.

Finally I also have a presence at http://magitam.co.uk which was originally just an online store, and in the coming months, will gradually turn into a blog or link to a blog at http://magitam.com which will discuss more products, tools, and technologies around spirituality, wellbeing, the non-physical world, and helping change consciousness or awareness through using technology and also blog about ways and tech that might lead to sustainable solutions for our world.

Aside from my personal presences online, I also run http://londontechstartups.com, where at present I host a calendar of events that might be of interest to people in the London Tech Startup Community.  In time, I’ll include interviews, profiles of individuals within the community, and put more depth into profiling some of the people, and startups that make London such a buzzing and vibrant place for the startup community. In time, I want it to become the go-to portal for all things related to startups, technology, or geeks in London.

I also helped run and was one of the key organisers behind TweetCamp, and actively support and volunteer in the making of other similar unconference events, such as WarbleCamp, BarCamp London, and am keen to actively support and grow the London Technology and Startup Communities, and increase the number of successful startups that emerge out of London.

In spite of all my technical and Social Media, interests, I’m also a keen fan of volleyball, dancing salsa, cooking, preparing fresh food, and increasingly becoming fonder of swimming.  I also enjoy bowling, and karaoke 😉  If there’s anything else you want to know, then your best bet is to just tweet me @farhan as that’s where I’m usually the most active, when I’m not working 9am-11pm days or helping run events;)

  • Sue Robinson

    Hi Farhan,

    I’m a recruiter and I’d love to have a conversation with you. I am currently looking for a Marketing Director for a SW vendore of Social Business Software solutions. I’m not sure what you are thinking of career wise- but it could suit you. Anyway, I’d be happy to talk.

    Could you please email me your mobile number of give me a call?

    Sue Robinson
    sue@itseuropean.com 01483 484300

    Hope to hear from you soon