So I’ve just read this really interesting article on Wired, that talks about the potential for a human engineered ‘leaf’ equivalent, that takes energy from water, and can release the hydrogen from the oxygen, using photosynthesis.  That hydrogen, can then be readily used as a ‘fuel’ source.. i.e. electricity, plus fuel for hydrogen cars/fuel cells.

Reading about it, I ended up finding this YouTube video, where he talks about it in a bit more detail


A bit more digging around, and I found the business, Sun Catalytix that Dan Nocera set up.. I can’t wait to see this technology developed commercially and deployed!! Finally, the year of Solar could be upon us next year!!

The fact that it works with sea water, and river water, as well as tap water, means that this could be the ideal solution, for cheap, low cost, sustainable energy sources that can finally bridge the gap between the poor, and the rich, when it comes to fuel/energy availability.

The material is even ‘self-healing’, i.e. it can repair itself.. And it’s possible to even use human waste water as the fuel source..

Can’t wait to start using something like this 🙂  It’s cutting edge technology at it’s best!!