On Saturday, I weighed myself, and I was 131.5kg = 290 lbs = 20 stone 10 lbs.
My BMI is 37.23.
In 116 weeks, I’ve lost 1 stone and 9lbs net (According to the Nintendo Wii!).  That doesn’t take into account any weight that was added on in between, and then lost subsequently, as I hadn’t been keeping track of my weight all that closely.

It also doesn’t take into account any muscle I’ve gained, whilst losing fat.

But it’s a start.

I know that I’ve been losing weight, gradually but surely, and now I’m going to start actively tracking and sharing my progress.  My goal is to lose 1st 8lbs within 6 months.. which means I need a net loss of 2lb every 2 weeks, to be on track.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, and start sharing more about some of the interesting things I learn about food, and health, along the way..

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