I predict that today, as the iPhone4 is being released global sales will mean more than a million handsets get sold in the first day.

I also predict, that by December, the iPhone4 will be the ‘must have’ christmas gift of the year.

I’m also gonna predict that by the end of this year, it will start to become more mainstream to make video calls, rather than just audio calls (especially because of FaceTime, and the prevalence of WiFi availability everywhere).

I think also, the number of people who start vlogging (video blogging) is going to start to increase signficantly, as the iPhone 4 just looks like it’s going to make it easier for people to capture content, edit it on the device, and then upload it directly.

I hope that the front mounted camera will make it an ideal device to see yourself, whilst you’re recording, and that the software tweaks, and adjustments internally in the device that allow you to zoom in and focus on different images/parts of the scene your recording mean that the quality of content produced makes for better overall video creation. If the new iPhone 4 really does work well with all sorts of different lighting, etc, then I really do believe that there will be a massive influx of more video generated content, and that particularly in my mind, people will start relating to video content and responding to video content in a whole new way.

Whilst it’s been primarily people with video recording devices, or web cams, in the past, and only a minority of mobile users pro-actively generating, and capturing content on the go, I think the iPhone 4 is going to see a huge shift in the sheer volume of real time video content that gets created, in part because of the planning and thinking that’s gone into making the software smarter, but also, because I believe the ‘Apple’ experience of producing and editing a video will be a lot easier, smoother, and more manageable than it currently might be with other mobile devices.

I think also that the way that the iPhone has built up a solid financial eco-system around itself, with regards to the money it gives back to developers, and the amount of developers who are earning a substantial income from the iPhone App store makes it a much much stronger contender to Android, Google’s operating system, and whilst there might be a greater proliferation of mobile devices out there using Android, there’s a lot more Apple users out there that are actively advocating their user experience, just directly with friends, and through Word of Mouth. I firmly believe that the level of customer service that you get from Apple, when you go to one of their stores, and you have a problem with your device, just can’t be replicated by Google, or Nokia, with their respective platforms and devices, and as much as it is about being a mainstream handset, the numbers of people flocking to an iPhone are going up, regularly.

I myself would have never considered an iPhone before this one.. But now that it does video, as part of the design, and it lets me edit the content on the device, and upload them directly from the handset, I’m finally delighted at the prospect of acquiring a personal iPhone 4. The Apps eco-system means it will always be the first platform people think of developing for when it comes to mainstream consumers, and whilst the lay of the land may change 5 years from now, for now, I’m putting my bet behind Apple, and the iPhone 4, as being the most prolific and widely used device for 2011. Even though I thought this was going to be the year for Android, I now seriously have my doubts about that.

Of course, these are just my predictions, and I’m basing it on my own long term experience of using both Mac and PC and how easily my mobile phones in the past have integrated with my physical and online eco-systems. I think it’s time I stopped trying to get it to work, and just get an iPhone, and start syncing my iTunes, and/or spotify playlists.

Now the only question left is, do I wait for the end of the month, or get one today?


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  • I'm with you. The iPhone 4 is the first edition I actually want to own, and will own (after the crazy fanboy rush has calmed down).

    It seems Apple finally got it right.

  • Yeah, tell me about it! I decided not to join in the 'fanboy rush' this morning, but will probably grab one sometime in the next few days.. Or perhaps over the weekend.. Interesting to see the problems with antenna/reception and pixelation of screen appearing as issues.. making me think it might be worth waiting a little bit longer..

  • tamlyn

    Agreed apart from the video call prediction. It's been “just about to take off” since the early 80s (and sci fi before that). Remember video phones from BT? Then 3G was meant to be all about video calls but people ignored that functionality and invented twitter instead.

    I think most people fundamentally do not want to see or be seen when making a phone call. Business meetings are a different matter and there's certainly a lot of room for improvement in video conferencing technology. But I remain very doubtful that any new gadget will suddenly make people want to video call each other socially.