I know it’s not ideal to write a blog post every day, but inspired by @WhatleyDude, who is producing one video per day, for the month of November, I thought I would get stuck in and at least try to capture a bit of the flavour of my days, as they pass.

Today, I started off the morning, helping a friend get set up on a wordpress blog. She’s already an experienced blogger, and we caught up as friends, before then helping her to start to migrate her content from her old hosting to the hosting I had set up for her. (Yes, I do have web hosting, and my prices are really really reasonable, with unlimited usage).

After wrapping a pleasant enough Breakfast up in Waterloo, with some of the basics covered, I jumped onto a train to Richmond, and headed across to Paypal’s HQ for a Brown Bag Session with the finalists of SeedCamp.

I’m not going to list all the guys that presented.. but suffice it to say, there were some really deserving teams there. I was there with a few other folks, some familiar, some not so, but all aimed at providing extra help, advice, feedback, guidance and support to the teams. I met some really great people, shared heaps of advice and found myself being drawn into conversations around how to use Twitter effectively etc. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing the Patient’s Know Best service become something I can use with my local GP, or hospital (especially for my ongoing chronic illness), and one other startup that was there from the Seedcamp week, but not a final winner, was Kwaga – a service that is in the email mass overload solution space..

After spending some time giving people advice on how to use twitter, how to find interesting and useful content, the right people to follow, why not to auto follow, and also showing some of the startups some of their competitors already in their space on twitter, I gave a short interview to @heatherataylor who runs a community website for Paypal.

Then after much more merriment, and more advice giving about all things Twitter, and Social Media, we ended up having drinks and some dinner in a local Pizzeria after which it was time to head home, and now it’s time for some sleep.. Adventure recounted? Aye.. till tomorrow!!

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