So following Derren Brown’s wonderful show where he talked about how he created and got a group of people to predict the lottery results, I think we should give it a try.

I’m willing to co-ordinate the experiment, bearing in mind everyone that joins in will have to commit to being involved the whole way.. We’ll need a few weeks to calibrate as a group, and get used to the process, and then hopefully, in two or three weeks time, we might be getting some sort of a result – or it could be a total failure.. But we’ll see.

I’ll update this post with more details, and explaining what happened, and everything, but for now – put in the comments your name, email, and details about you, and how to contact you and tell me a little bit about yourself and why you want to take part in this experiment. I’m going to be very selective in the people that we do this experiment with, since I don’t want any negativity or pessimists ruining the potential success that might come out of any experiments we do.

And just to be very clear, any money’s or predictions that are made, that lead to sucesses, or wins, will be shared equally between all participants, after an initial 10% has been taken out to give to charity. Those are my terms, and I think it’s only fair.. So leave your details below, and don’t worry about anything personal being seen by everyone, any personal contact information, or any details you don’t want displayed publicly in the comments will be edited out, before your comment becomes publicly visible. But if you don’t provide at least your proper email address, then I won’t be able to contact you with details of what we’re going to do, and how we’re going to do it..

So for now – if you want to join the game, or try the experiment, leave your details in the comments below, and be sure to re-tweet the post, so other people you think might be suitable can also join in ๐Ÿ˜‰

Look forward to starting a very interesting experiment indeed.. Now I’ll write a more detailed post giving you more info about what it’s all about..

Updated –
You can now place your lottery predictions here –

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  • Seung-Wook

    Hey Farhan, just saw your tweet haha I’d love to have a go.

  • Hi Farhan, like you, I watched the programme. I am really interested in the idea of what you think about, you bring about… It will be fun to have a group of us, working together to see if we can replicate what was on telly..

    It may well be a trick, but it will be fun trying to see what we can achieve. It will also be great to meet some new peeps in the process of trying.

    The only thing that I am not sure about is the level of commitment needed. I am happy to stay for the long haul, but perhaps an indication of what that entails should be communicated to all the participants..

    What a great case study… what a great story… lets make it happen…


    Mark Shaw
    07990 743 564

  • Sign me up Farhan . . . . . . . would come in handy at the moment!
    And like yourself and mark, really interested to see if it could be done.


  • Robert (thirstforwine)

    You do realise it was VERY carefully set up so that when, not if, this fails to make any significant difference, he can say it was because you weren’t disinterested enough, not in the right state of mind. Have fun though!

  • @Robert – hehehe, indeed.. But having read the book the Wisdom of Crowds, and understood some of the basic principles behind divining/psychic precognitive type stuff, and also seeing some of his more obvious uses of suggestive subconscious pre-suppositions, I’m curious to figure out if it’s a Wisdom of Crowds approach that did it – or the sheer desire of a large enough support group (i.e. all the people who were watching the show and wanted him to get it right), that led to him getting the right numbers.. If you think about how he got the support of a few people, to influence a few coin tosses, this isn’t that much different, just to a larger order of scale, in some regards..

    @Seung-Wook, @Mark, @Luke, you’ve all been added to the list ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Dean

    Farhan, if you’d watched the program properly, you’d have seen that the support group of people for the coin toss experiment made no difference – it was based on maths.

    Derren Brown doesn’t believe in anything psychic. Although the wisdom of crowds theory does exist, that’s not how he predicted the 6 lottery numbers. Sure, he got them together and they managed to get 4, but that final ‘prediction’ was done using a camera trick.

  • @Dean
    I did see him describe the coin toss experiment being based on nothing more than maths, but from a statistical point of view, the probability of one person accomplishing 10 successful combinations, whilst the other person only gets one combination is most definitely skewed given my basic understanding of probability and statistics..

    There’s also the work of William Tiller, where thoughts have been shown to directly affect physical reality, especially in skewing seemingly ‘neutral’ probability based events, (see What The Bleep Do We Know!? for a more detailed explanation of this worldview).

    There is also the work of Rupert Sheldrake that talks about morphogenetic fields, and how a group effect is both possible, and probable in terms of generating a telepathic effect, especially with his theory of morphic fields.